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Supported File Formats

This is the list of file formats which we currently accept. Note that all video formats will be automatically transcoded to mp4 format. If you have files in other formats you wish to share, just contact us so that we can add appropriate handling.

ExtensionDescription of Dataset
docMicrosoft Word document
pdfPortable document
itsLENA Interpreted Time Segments
xlsMicrosoft Excel spreadsheet
pptMicrosoft PowerPoint presentation
odpOpenDocument presentation
odsOpenDocument spreadsheet
odfOpenDocument text
pptxMicrosoft PowerPoint (Office Open XML) presentation
xlsxMicrosoft Excel (Office Open XML) workbook
docxMicrosoft Word (Office Open XML) document
savSPSS System File
ExtensionDescription of Dataset
aacAdvanced Audio Coding
mp3MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 audio layer III
wavWaveform audio
wmaWindows Media audio
ExtensionDescription of Dataset
jpg,jpegJPEG image
pngPortable network graphics
Text Files
ExtensionDescription of Dataset
csvComma-separated values
eaf,pfsx,etfELAN - Linguistic Annotator
txtPlain text
rtfRich text format
cha,chatCodes for the Human Analysis of Transcripts
ExtensionDescription of Dataset
aviAudio Video Interleave
mts,m2tsMPEG transport stream
mp4MPEG-4 video
mpg,mpegMPEG program stream (MPEG-1/MPEG-2 video)
movQuickTime video
webmWebM video
dv,difDigital Interface Format video
wmvWindows Media video